Healthy Eating Tips for Spring Holidays

Healthy Easter & Passover Eating Tips

Looking for healthy Easter and Passover eating tips for the spring holidays? We polled our dietitians and share some of their simple and stress-free tips below.

And whichever holiday you celebrate, remember to savor the season. Time off from work, gathering with family and friends, and food-centered traditions are also things to celebrate, and enjoy.

  • Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity. So find a work out buddy, or exercise with family! Head outside for a hike, a bike ride, a jog, or a walk.
  • Prep special holiday meals with family or friends. This makes the process more enjoyable.
  • Focus on foods you can only get this time of year!
  • Never show up empty handed. Bring a healthy dish you love to a gathering to give yourself options. Need ideas? Check out this fruit salad recipe to bring for dessert!
  • Aim for making half of what you eat fruits and veggies. Example: use half veggies instead of chips for dips. Or make this cauliflower hummus for your holiday event.
  • Prioritize sleep during the holiday season! Aim for about 8 hours per night.
  • Another spring tip: Alternate between alcohol and water. A good rule of thumb is 1 glass of water for every alcoholic drink.
  • Make a fruit or veggie tray appealing! Cut veggies into smaller, more bit-sized pieces and put them on a nice tray. Or cut fruit into bite-sized pieces in a pretty bowl and make cute fruit kabobs.
  • Don’t show up starving. Have a small amount of protein with a carb before going to a party.
  • Survey the buffet and/or dessert table and decide what is worth it, and what you are ok with skipping this time.
  • Chew slowly! Try to really taste and savor every single bite.
  • Hydrate! For more on hydration, click here to read our blog post with tips and tricks for staying hydrated. We also love these electrolytes to add a little zing to our water!
  • Don’t skip meals prior to the event to leave “more room” for other meals.
  • Always check in with yourself about hunger and fullness throughout the day to minimize mindless eating.
  • Last but not least: When indulging in a treat, slow down and truly enjoy it! Let go of feelings of guilt or failure.

And our best healthy Easter & Passover eating tip of all: Don’t worry about calories. Instead, enjoy spending time with the people you love. Celebrate the joy of this season and love yourself for nourishing your body.

Need more healthy eating tips?

We hope you enjoyed these healthy Easter and Passover eating tips! Our Registered Dietitians have plenty more great ideas for healthy living! So book a session by clicking the button below.


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