We can provide most of our nutrition services in all 50 States, even if you’re not close to one of our physical locations. Our offices and virtual appointments accommodate flexible hours, including nights and weekends. Appointments can be made in-person, or through our HIPAA-compliant virtual counseling platform. Because of this, we are always accessible and here for all of your nutrition needs so that you can reach any goal!

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Not located near one of our offices? Through telehealth, we are able to provide services across 50 states, all from the comfort of your home.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth allows you to meet with your dietitian in a secured video chat. You can interact similarly to how you would in one of our offices. There is the ability to screen share and send documents.

For a successful session, we encourage:

  1. Be in a quiet room with no other distractions.
  2. If possible, be in the room alone to safeguard any personal health information. Using headphones may be helpful, especially if they have a microphone.
  3. Bring a pen and paper to take notes.
  4. Sessions can be done on your cell phone; however, a big screen may be more helpful if your dietitian is going to screen share.
  5. Click the link to join the session a few minutes early to ensure there are no technical issues. Handling these before session will ensure you get the most out of your session with the dietitian.

Is Telehealth HIPAA Compliant?

Our practice uses a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. We use reasonable and appropriate efforts to protect your Personal Health Information (PHI). We do use third-party software to conduct visits that is encrypted. To protect your own privacy, it is important that you are using secure internet and ideally use headphones (with a microphone) to limit the exposure of PHI. Examples of insecure internet would be using public internet at a coffee shop or using your internet at the workplace. The use of platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger is not secure and increases your risk for PHI disclosure. You may request to use the non-HIPAA compliant platforms with the understanding that they are not secure.

You may withhold or withdraw consent to telehealth at any time without affecting your right to future care. To withhold or withdraw, call 602-770-7611, email info@andersonsnutrition.com, or inquire during a session.

Is Telehealth covered by insurance?

Most insurance plans cover telehealth with the same benefit coverage as in-person. If you want to verify your plan covers telehealth, visit our Insurance page for more information.