Healthy Eating

Outstanding information and incredible results.
– Bruce (Gilbert)


Great advice and coaching, no more pre-diabetes and I have, so far, lost 30 pounds.
– Harry (Scottsdale)

Overall Healthy Eating

Fad diets no longer worked for me. My nutritionist taught me that balancing my food and portion control will not only help me lose weight but is the key for a healthy life. 
– Monica (Scottsdale)

Sports Nutrition

Britney helped me to fuel more efficiently. I’ve felt better stamina and more strength in my swing. I’m also sleeping better and feel more energized.
– 29-year-old male athlete (Scottsdale)

Weight Loss

I always feel so empowered and validated after talking with Christine. It’s starting to give me hope that after 40 years of being overweight, I can lose weight in a happy, joyful, healthy way.

– Female (Tempe)

Mindful Eating

I’ve been more in touch with my eating since meeting with Britney.
– 70-year-old female (Scottsdale)

Heart Health and Diabetes

With Tammy, my triglycerides went down from 204 to 61 and my A1c went down from 7.6 to 5.9!
– 60-year-old male (Tempe)

12-Week Weight Loss Program

For the last 20 years, I have done a number of weight loss programs costing me thousands and thousands of dollars (Weight Watchers, HCG regimen, Medifast, and even a faith-based program only to lose and gain those same 100 plus pounds, over and over again. I was at the point where I found myself just 5 pounds away from being my highest weight. I knew I needed to lose weight but just couldn’t go through another extreme weight loss program or eat prepackaged foods again. At this point I was discouraged and had no game plan.

I knew I needed the help of a professional, so I did a Google search for a registered dietitian in my area and came across Anderson’s Nutrition. As a Christmas/birthday gift to myself, I bought their 12-week program, and the registered dietitian that worked with me was Michelle. Michelle was such a godsend to me. She never judged me. When I felt overwhelmed, she encouraged me to take small steps and that those small steps would add up and make a difference.

Michelle helped me worked through my issues of emotional eating. She worked with me in setting short term and long term goals. She was a wonderful resource of information on substituting unhealthy foods with healthier options. And, most importantly, she made me believe I was capable of permanent success. The biggest benefit I have received from being on this program is breaking my sugar addiction and eliminating my cravings for sweets.

This program has taught me that I don’t have to starve myself or eat prepackaged foods to lose weight. I can lose weight eating real food that is satisfying and gets me through the day. In fact, one of the first things I noticed was that when eating a healthy breakfast I was able to make it to lunch without feeling famished. I am so thankful that I met Michelle and what I was able to accomplish while working with her. Those 12 weeks gave me the tools I need to continue my journey to reach the goal. As of June 1st, I have lost 56 pounds and am just about halfway to the goal. My husband has reaped the benefit of me being on this program and has lost 25 pounds himself.

– Margaret (Gilbert)

Weight Loss

I was unhappy with my body weight gain in the past few years, how my clothes were fitting me and how/what I was eating. Finally, I decided to change it but I got so lost and overwhelming with all the information about healthy eating, types of diets, what to do, and what to not do that I decided to get the help of professional nutritional counseling.

With Christine I learned about my nutritional needs, I changed my eating habits, I tried new things and in overall I changed my relationship with food without feeling deprived. Christine was down to earth, with a realistic and understanding approach, set small and smart steps to reach my goal. In 4 months, I lost 20 lbs and dropped pants size from 12 to 8!

– Cristiane (Scottsdale)

Creating Habits

Nicole has changed my life and I am grateful. I started my journey with Nicole when my doctor said I needed to do something about my health, I had hurt my back and put on 30 pounds.

I had been a hiker and because of the back issue was unable to hike.

After eating better, losing 40 pounds, exercising with kettlebells, I can now hike 10 miles on hills. Nicole has given me back what I love to do, HIKE. I can’t say thank you enough! I have referred two of my friends to her because it has been life-changing for me.

– Jeannette (Downingtown)

Emotional Eating

It goes without saying that I sought out Anderson Nutrition to better myself. Food had been an emotional coping mechanism for the better part of my life. There have been many trials, traumas, and no small amount of effort to change my eating lifestyle. However, all of the efforts that have been made could not yield the results I had so desperately sought. In time, hopelessness deterred my future efforts.

Those feelings were promptly put to rest upon meeting Taylor. Her guidance makes me feel confident that a healthy lifestyle with food is not out of reach. There is never any insecurities or discomfort in our meetings. The introduction of a journal and repetitive subtle changes in my diet has allowed me to reach substantial milestones. While there are still trials ahead and some days are better than others, I have never felt like there has truly been a difference until now. Taylor creates a welcoming atmosphere with her professional and honest guidance. To say that I am happy with Taylor’s hard work and patience with me is not enough, she gives me hope and strength to keep trying.

– Brydie (Gilbert)

Celiac Disease

I had an awesome experience with Anderson’s Nutrition! Andrea was wonderful and caring to work with. She was very knowledgeable about Celiac disease and overall gave me great tips on how to be more productive with my overall health and nutrition goals. In short, I would recommend Anderson’s Nutrition to anyone!

– Bari (Gilbert)


I reached out to Tammy and will continue to reach out to her for nutritional assistance for my children and especially for one specific child with not only ADHD, sensory integration disorder, she is also dairy intolerant and has celiac. So, this also makes it harder for her to absorb nutrients. 

Tammy assisted me with helpful resources when shopping for gluten-free foods as my 4yo has Celiac. She assisted me when I would find natural nutrition support or ADHD support supplements online to add to my kids’ diets as I was unsure if she/they were getting enough especially my youngest, Tammy would take the time and research each one and gives me the pros and cons from a nutritionist perspective so I could make the best decision for my child/ren. She’s been amazing to work with always willing to talk things through with me.

– Shelby

Breaking the Diet Cycle

What I dig about Taylor:

I honestly had no idea what I was getting into or expecting. But I knew that I needed to change or a change in my life rather!  I explained all the yo-yo dieting that I was doing and where I was at now.  I think Taylor knew or could sense my defeat.

She actually told me to eat WHATEVER I WANTED.  I had her repeat that because I wanted to make sure I understood.  Taylor really broke it down for me in regards to “the diet”.  She has been supportive and helped me be accountable for my life-changing journey!  What I dig the most is that Taylor makes herself available to you and helps you help yourself. 

– Joe (Gilbert)

Weight Loss

Tammy helped me on my journey to lose 30 pounds!

Men’s Health and Disease Prevention

I did my biometric screening and all my results were vastly improved. I have a health age of only 23!
– 35-year-old male

Digestive Issues

I’ve noticed that I don’t feel as bloated and gassy throughout the day and my bowel movements are more normal!
– 33-year-old male (Gilbert)


Low-FODMAP has changed my life and I have seen an 80% reduction in symptoms.
– Female (Scottsdale)

Disordered Eating

I can enjoy carbs and don’t feel guilty!