Hello USA!

Join us with virtual nutrition counseling!

We have a dynamic team of dietitians in several time zones across the country. These dietitians can provide you with nutrition education, virtual nutrition counseling, and virtual health coaching within all 50 states*! Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Our company uses the latest technology to provide you with one-on-one virtual sessions. These appointments are always HIPAA-compliant and the program is very user-friendly.

It’s Flexible. You save time. Always affordable. From the comfort of your home or workspace.

Our staff has the ability to perform virtual grocery store tours and help you cleanse your cabinets, so you can maximize your time with us and get hands-on instruction. You can choose between video chats or simply over the phone for your sessions.

All of our dietitians and health coaches are available for these virtual nutrition counseling sessions. We offer days, evenings, and weekends for ultimate flexibility. See our virtual availability & scheduler HERE.

We have a few tips to optimize your virtual experience, especially for those who have already scheduled an appointment with us. Head over to this page that explains in detail! 

*Some states require licensure for certain types of education or guidance and may not be available in your area. To learn more, contact us online!