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Welcome to Anderson’s Nutrition

Anderson’s Nutrition is a comprehensive nutrition-wellness focused practice that specializes in non-diet approach counseling in order to create long-lasting results. We offer a refreshing path to nutrition counseling. By partnering with our clients to achieve weight loss, we can work together to improve health and decrease health risks.

Our team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are nutrition experts who have over35 years experience helping others achieve a healthier life by making one change at a time! 

Services can be done in person and virtually

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Achieve Results through Counseling

Over the last decade, Anderson’s Nutrition has teamed with adults, adolescents, and families to achieve health goals through a non-diet approach. Clients learn to maintain a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food while incorporating physical activity into their lives. Individuals can achieve a healthy and maintainable weight loss through behavior modification learned in nutritional counseling. The adolescent programs provide age-appropriate nutrition education geared towards today’s youth. Our families master the ability to create hearty, appetizing meals as they learn how to meet the needs of all family members while creating a culture of healthy mindfulness.

Small changes lead to BIG results

Our Counseling Programs

The programs we offer use nutrition as the foundation for healthy living. Our clients can progress through our program to then build and create an entirely healthy lifestyle. This approach helps our clients achieve overall wellness and decrease the risk of chronic conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. With proper nutrition, many clients are able to achieve a reduction, or elimination, of prescription medications. This can reduce expensive trips to healthcare providers, because as personal health improves, those visits can become less frequent.

We offer group education classes at any of our locations or at your workplace. The classes are engaging for all participants and taught by using evidenced-based science. We have a list of suggested topics or can develop a customized experience.

Enjoy menu planning that is easy and exciting to use.  This cost-effective program is a perfect pairing to just about anyone’s health journey because we want to help maximize your time and money.

We offer our services in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing. We also offer in-person sessions at our offices in Arizona and Pennsylvania.  For those out of the area or who would like the flexibility, our telehealth program is ideal. Day, evening and weekend appointments are available to fit most schedules. We offer affordable self-pay options and accept most major insurance plans.

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Some clients know how to alter their way of life, but others may need more education and guidance. For either client, the nutrition experts at Anderson’s Nutrition can tailor a healthy roadmap to reach one’s long-term goals. Furthermore, our realistic approach is not only enjoyable but can fit into any lifestyle. We take evidenced-based dietetics and implement a realistic approach because we know what works. Let our team of well-rounded expert RDN helps individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle through goal-centric nutrition counseling.

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