gilbert arizona dietitians

Hello, Gilbert, Arizona!

We are proud that our Gilbert Arizona dietitians have been serving the Valley for over 10 years now! Our team of dietitians is here to help you along your health and nutrition journey.

Anderson’s Nutrition has one office in Gilbert Arizona that our dietitians practice out of.  Keep in mind that this location is ONLY available on SATURDAYS!

Gilbert Location

Phone: (602) 770-7611

Fax: (833) 755-0838

2470 S. Val Vista Dr., #104

Gilbert AZ 85295

In partnership with Better Chiropractic

Gilbert Arizona Dietitians at this location

Keep in mind that our Gilbert Arizona dietitians ONLY see clients at this location on SATURDAYS.

gilbert arizona dietitians

Taylor Aasand MPH, RDN

Taylor believes in individualized treatment to help make realistic changes. She works with patients of all ages and specializes in disordered eating and eating disorders. She is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor & uses a non-diet approach to recovery.

Tempe arizona dietitians

Tammy Leeper RDN

Tammy’s approach to nutrition is that “it’s not one size fits all”. She helps clients work towards a healthier life in a manner genuine to them and encourages a positive relationship with food to honor its role in providing fuel for our body. Tammy is passionate about nutrition and supporting autism acceptance.

gilbert arizona dietitians

Michelle Hines MS, RDN

Michelle believes in the phrase “practicing what I preach” to her patients and clients by living a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys helping those who are new to adopting healthy eating habits and are eager to learn how to improve their nutritional well-being. She loves to work with those who are novices and are not sure where to start to make changes. Has experience with both men & women’s health, weight loss, heart health, diabetes.

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Britney Giles RDN

Britney helps her clients learn to fuel the body well, use a non-diet approach by listening to hunger/fullness cues, eat mindfully, and improve your relationship with food and the body. She values a simple approach to healthy eating by helping clients to find self-motivation and make small changes to fight and prevent disease. Being a marathon runner, she also loves to help athletes achieve their athletic goals using food to fuel optimal performance. Is also trained by Monash University in the use of a low-FODMAP diet for IBS.