Are you ready for a program that is FUN, SIMPLE, and FEELS great? This program is designed to provide you the science- the evidence-based- wellness facts with some realistic solutions on how to incorporate them into your life. We are all about simple steps to making lives healthier.

Join our 12 Weeks to a Healthier You!

Wherever you are on your healthy journey these fixes can be a part of your plan. The 12 Fixes integrates a Mediterranean, whole-food lifestyle with food timing, exercise, sleep, eating ergonomics, and mindful eating. So if you are looking to live a healthier life, prevent disease, or manage conditions like pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure this program is for you.

Why pick us? We have over 15 years of experience and registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and health and wellness coaches (CHWC). We have worked with over 2000 people to help them meet their health goals. Check out our results page to see what others are saying.

Start by creating your Wellness Plan and setting SMART goals to achieve it!

Details on pricing

A little over $4 per week! Sign up any time! The program starts on Sundays. So if you sign up on a Friday, you will start to receive the weekly fixes on that first Sunday. 12 Weeks normally runs at $49.99 and is collected at the time of sign up.

What to expect

We highlight 12 of the most important topics, or “fixes” to help you find your healthiest self and reach your goals! Whether your goal is to:

  • fight illness
  • avoid or manage a disease
  • break free from restrictive diets
  • improve bowel movements and gut health
  • lose extra pounds
  • improve as an athlete
  • just feel more energized

We will support you on this journey without a diet. We focus on one fix at a time. Each week, we will provide an exclusive email where we:

  • identify the fix for the week
  • deliver a 3-5 minute educational video from our trained & experienced RDN (registered dietitian nutritionist) coaches
  • provide a worksheet and personalized goal for the week
  • give you recipes & tips to help you achieve your goals

How it works

This amazing program is designed so that you can ACHIEVE your goals and dreams, without using a fad diet or a big change. You’ll adopt one fix at a time, supporting you on your journey in a non-guilt, non-diet, flexible, sustainable plan. This works for everyone! You have the ability to adjust these fixes according to your needs to ultimately live a healthier, happier life.

The 12 Fix Program integrates a Mediterranean, whole-food lifestyle with food timing, exercise, sleep, eating ergonomics, and mindful eating.

Each week, you’ll receive:

  • The fix for the week (based on the book: 12 Fixes to Healthy)
  • A 3-5 minute educational video from our trained & experienced RDN (registered dietitian nutritionist) coaches
  • A worksheet and personalized goal for the week
  • Recipes & tips to help you achieve your goals

Real life results

This program has taught me that I don’t have to starve myself or eat prepackaged foods to lose weight. I can lose weight eating real food that is satisfying and gets me through the day. In fact, one of the first things I noticed was that when eating a healthy breakfast I was able to make it to lunch without feeling famished. Those 12 weeks gave me the tools I need to continue my journey to reach the goal.


The Details

This program starts each Sunday! Enroll today!

Don’t worry about scheduling, as this program is at your own pace! We provide the materials you need each week via email. The materials and video are available at all times, so if you miss a week or want to take it slower, no problem.

Cost of the program includes:

  • Weekly emails with educational video, worksheet, recipes, and tips over the span of 12 weeks
  • Access to our Facebook Group

Optional Enhancements

Get the Book

Wanting to learn even more? You can order the book: 12 Fixes to Healthy. Our program is based on this book and can be purchased for a discount price through our program.

Order Here for $28.99 which includes shipping and tax.

Get the Meal Planner

Anderson’s Nutrition has a robust meal planning program to assist you on your journey to simpler, better health. Meet virtually with your own dietitian to receive nutrition guidance and a personalized meal plan.

We provide comprehensive meal planning programs for each client to achieve their healthy living goals. With ample amounts of recipes and the expertise from the Dietitians at Anderson’s Nutrition, this program creates a unique and realistic approach making meal planning easy!

This is an interactive meal planner that you can modify for your tastes and schedule. It feeds to a shopping list and even syncs with Instacart for simplicity. By being part of the program you get 20% off.

Your first month is $69.99 which includes a 1:1 virtual dietitian visit to get your customized nutrition prescription and 1 month of the meal planner. Each month after is $29 with no commitment or contracts. Purchase here.

Get The Nutrition Consultation

Our trained team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) are available for appointments to discuss your nutrition-related health needs, as well as your physical activity goals.  We can provide the following at your appointments:

  • Health Coaching
  • Education
  • Nutrient Analysis
  • Macronutrient breakdown
  • Assessment and evaluation of body
  • Personalized nutrient plan
  • Fitness goals
  • Grocery store tours
  • Nutrition-related labs
  • Goal setting and evaluation

To get set up for your virtual visit with one of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, simply purchase, and then within 24 hours you will receive a call to get scheduled. We have day, evening, and weekend appointments available. The cost for the session is $99 (12% discount applied). We do accept medical insurance, so we can check to see if the cost can be covered by your insurance.

Get accountability

Everyone holds the power to make better choices. This potential can be tapped and maximized with awesome accountability tools. This program can be optimized not only through the weekly SMART goal worksheets we will provide you during the 12 weeks, but also an accountability journal. This accountability journal sets the right tone for your goals, gets you focused, allows you to see progress, and feel at peace that wellness is your new normal. Use this priority planner and wellness log to strategically simplify your life and be your best self.

Use this log to keep track of:

  • Personal goals
  • Personal successes
  • Gratitude
  • Exercise
  • Thoughts
  • And more!

The total cost for the accountability planner and wellness log is $19.99 (includes shipping and tax).

Get Fit!

Mind Over Matter (MOM) brings fitness to busy lifestyles. At Anderson’s Nutrition, we value the virtual personal training & fitness programs at MOM as they accompany our nutrition & wellness coaching services.


Meet your coaches

You’ll have a few coaches along the way featured in our weekly videos. Get to know them a little to see who may resonate with you. If you find you need additional support, you can always schedule a one-on-one virtual appointment.

Nicole Goodrich MS, RDN, CHWC

Nicole is not only the founder of Anderson’s Nutrition but also a practicing lifestyle counselor passionate about helping you succeed.  She is passionate about working with people who are ready to find their new lifestyle through changes that stick! Diets don’t work, but behavior changes do. Nicole has worked with individuals for over 15 years to improve their lives and meet their health goals. She is a mom to two kiddos, enjoys cycling, and nutrition of course!

Tammy Leeper RDN

Tammy commits to seeing each client as a whole. She has seen first-hand the impact that positive nutrition habits can affect those with autism and chronic health conditions. As a busy mom of four, she knows what it is like to juggle other commitments while still valuing healthy choices. Tammy is excited to meet with new people and go above and beyond to help them face their challenges head-on.


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