Meet Tammy, your registered dietitian nutritionist.

Tammy Leeper RDN

Tammy received her BS in Nutrition at Arizona State University and completed her Dietetic Internship with Maricopa County Public Health. Tammy’s professional experience includes public health nutrition, specifically with moms, infants, and pediatrics. As a busy mom of four, including one with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Tammy is familiar with feeding challenges and pleasing picky eaters! 

In addition to working with moms and kiddos, Tammy is educated to conduct medical nutrition therapy (MNT) and healthy living for adults and families. She provides evidence-based education and counseling to meet your health needs and goals. Her approach is refreshing, positive, and enjoyable.

Tammy’s Ideal Client

Tammy loves to work people who are ready to embrace change!

I am loving my experience with Tammy Leeper. She goes above with her care for her clients. I love the encouragement she gives along with the nutrition lessons. I’m learning food is not the enemy. 

Former Client

Why is Tammy a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

For Tammy, it was a rather long journey with so many experiences that played a role in becoming a dietitian! She decided to return to school when her kiddos older, but felt she needed to pursue something where I could give back. Tammy has always been fascinated with food, health, and wellness. She became more committed to nutrition when she reflected on her family’s experience with autism and chronic health conditions. They were significant challenges, and she decided to be who she needed when she was younger.

I felt I needed to pursue something where I could give back.

Tammy Leeper


How does Tammy stay healthy?

Tammy practices moderation in all things! She does yoga, walks 3.5 miles 3 nights a week (with her hubs and yellow lab), eats a balanced diet and enjoys a hobby or two. Spending time with family and friends is also a critical component of her healthy lifestyle. 

What else should you know about Tammy?

She has lived in the Mesa/Gilbert area for 30+ years, but also lived in California and Illinois. Tammy and her husband have a blended family that includes four kids, three dogs, two tortoises, and a cat… plus two really adorable grandchildren too!