Tips & Resources to Motivate Your At-Home Exercise Routine

Struggling with that at home exercise routine? It’s a common thing we run into for many of our clients.

You know you need to work out.

You know the benefits. To improve mental health, stress management, boost self esteem, improve sleep, manage weight.

Odds are you came to this blog for one of these reasons:

  1. You lack motivation.
  2. You simply lack the resources.
  3. You’ve tried to incorporate a physical activity routine time & time again, but nothing seems to “stick”…OR
  4. You just don’t know where to start.

Right now, we’ve found that individuals are more likely to stay consistent when they have the resources available, a plan, and someone to stay accountable to. If you workout at a gym, you may not need a lot of these resources we have for you. If you’re more of a home-body or have been since COVID, a few of these resources may really benefit your routine.

We have put together a list of great at-home exercise apps, workout gear, and additional resources that will help you stay motivated and consistent to get the enjoyable exercise you need.

Resources for Cardio & Strength

Motivation is bound to stick longer when there’s a community & a way to track your activity. Apps are a perfect way to do that! We’ve highlighted a few apps that we have found to be helpful. Find which one might be the best for you! Most are free, some at a small fee.

  • Join Strava! Use a fitness watch to automatically upload workouts to the social app, or you can manually input your workouts. This is a way to stay accountable & invite friends to join so you can see their workouts and they can see yours.
  • Nike+ Run Club is another good one for runner beginners. You can use a voiced coach to motivate you and give you some inspiration voiced over your music! Plus, this app is free.
  • Have desires to be a runner but are nowhere near running longer than 5 minutes? Try this app, Couch to 5K.
  • If you’re a runner and want some more intense training apps, try VDOT to get individualized paces based on your current fitness level & keep track of your training in one place. It’s also compatible with the Strava & Garmin apps, popular among avid runners.
  • Zwift, similar to Peloton, for cyclists & runners to sync to your device and run along with different courses on your treadmill or bike.
  • FitOn, another app with streaming workouts from celebrity trainers!
  • If a Peloton price is keeping you from purchasing a stationary bike, just purchase a more affordable but high-quality bike! Then add an attachment onto your bike to then use the Peloton App. Saves you literally a thousand or more bucks!
  • If you’re not into cycling, you could still use the Peloton App for strength, yoga, outdoor running, stretching, Bootcamp, running, and meditation workouts, streaming on-demand. They allow a free 30-day trial, but after that are fairly affordable. if you enjoy their workouts.

At Home Exercise Basics & Necessities

If you’re at-home exercising, you need to have tools to use. Of course, if funds don’t allow for it, you could use your kid for a weight while you squat…just be sure to keep safe! Here are a few things we use regularly for at home exercise.

  • Exercise bands! Now, how should I use this? You can use for a variety of exercises. Try putting it onto your elliptical to give yourself some bicep curls or shoulder presses to work both cardio and strength at the same time.
  • Yoga mat! This is a necessity if you want to keep your carpet free from sweat and your joints free from pain on a hard floor.
  • Can’t go wrong with a few dumbbells! If they are still sold out, medicine balls are super versatile & useful to throw, twist, turn, or bend.
  • A resistance band set is another quality set to have on-hand. Use it to target all of your muscle groups.
  • Add to it, an adjustable bench with holes to use with your bands for a variety of moves. Use it for a modified bench press, shoulder press, bicep curl, tricep dip, or more!
  • Exercise ball – try squeezing between your knees while lying on your back for an inner thigh workout, or place it on the wall and use it for a wall sit on your back. You could also use it for a plank to tone those core muscles.

More Mindful Movement

Stay calm with lighter movement. Yoga, stretching, and meditation are all part of your physical and mental self-care. A few items that might help are:

  • A yoga mat! Can be used for strength exercises but it is even more useful to keep your joints healthy and your carpet less-sweaty.
  • Use yoga blocks to support your range of motion, bringing you closer to the ground. You can use them to support your back, hips, and more during yoga poses.
  • Need yoga guidance? Use YouTube videos, or even better, the Down Dog App – not only for yoga, but also barre, meditation, HIIT, and prenatal yoga.

Setting Goals, Making Plans, & Staying Organized

It’s hard to be successful with a workout routine if you don’t have a plan. We encourage our clients to come up with long-term goals and then use that to make short-term goals and plans to make it happen.

  • As part of those short-term goals & plans, you could try a whiteboard with either the month or week on your gym wall. Take a peek at this sticky dry-erase calendar to keep your weeks organized & planned!
  • Another way to help you with your plan is to find a partner. If you’re more of a solo-type person, it might help to still find someone to at least be accountable to, to talk about your goals and daily accomplishments. If you don’t feel like you have someone, Andi, our health coach, is amazing at providing that support & accountability.
  • To stay more organized, make your gym cute! This yoga mat wall mount is nice to keep your things out of the way.

Not Working Out At Home?

Make sure you have the right COVID gear! Get a mask that stays cool and breathable so you aren’t feeling overheated, unable to breathe, but still safe.

Don’t Forget to Fuel!

Gym wins are not only won in the gym. Make sure you’re fueling well! Meet with our nutrition experts to pair your exercise with your fueling to reach your goals. Britney focuses on sports nutrition, while Nicole focuses on the weekend warriors, while Andi helps those who really need accountability & support along their journey!


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