Gratitude: How You Can Show it in Just 60 Seconds

A theme that I keep hearing this year is gratitude. This simply means a state of being grateful. This Thanksgiving, instead of giving all the focus to overflowing plates, we challenge you to focus on showing that you’re grateful for.

For some families, they have a tradition to go around the table and say what we are thankful for. But what about showing gratitude for the big and small moments of the year? For me, my big moment was having my son. In addition to that, a small moment was the day the driver in front of me paid for my coffee as I went through the drive-thru. I was surprised at this stranger’s kindness. At that moment, I decided to pay it forward by paying for the car behind me.

What you can do to show gratitude

Try starting a gratitude list (or use a gratitude journal, we like THIS ONE!). Each day list 3 things that you are grateful for. Try not to repeat anything on the list. At first, this will seem easy, but after a week it will really challenge you to think outside of spouse, children, family, pets, and job. Here is an example you could use to get you started! 🙂 Gratitude

We would love to hear what you are grateful for this year! Let us know! Meet with a dietitian or health coach to help find more of the positive in life.


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