Meet Christine, your registered dietitian nutritionist.

Christine Babey MS, RDN, CDCES

Christine graduated from the University of Arizona with her B.S. in Nutritional Sciences. She attended Texas A & M University where she completed her M.S. in Nutrition, in addition to her dietetic internship. She is a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) and is trained on the use of a low FODMAP diet for IBS by Monash University.

Christine’s Ideal Client

Christine enjoys meeting people, and is always up for a challenge. Recently, she finds herself helping clients sort through information overload about food and health that comes from the internet, TV, well-meaning friends, family, and co-workers. Together, they figure out a realistic and sustainable plan that meets the client’s needs.

With Christine, I learned about my nutritional needs, I changed my eating habits,  I tried new things and overall I changed my relationship with food without feeling deprived. Christine was down to earth, with a realistic and understanding approach, set small and smart steps to reach my goal. And so far I lost 20lbs and dropped pants size from 12 to 8 in 4 months!


Scottsdale, AZ

Why is Christine a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

Since she could read, Christine has been interested in the science behind food, especially how it affects one’s health. She followed Pre-Med as her college path, until she took a Nutrition class taught by a dietitian. Christine had no idea that she could get paid to do what she had always enjoyed. After that, Nutritional Sciences became her new major, and she never looked back.

Over the years, she has worked in a variety of settings as a dietitian and have enjoyed each one. As a dietitian with Anderson’s Nutrition, her favorite part is to see clients have that “a-ha” moment, especially when they realize that they can make positive changes or have reached a goal set for themselves.

My mantra is focused on making small changes that can be sustained lifelong to improve your overall health.

Christine Babey


How does Christine stay healthy?

Christine believes in balance, variety, and moderation. She has a positive outlook on life and is lucky to have support from family and friends. Trying new recipes while cooking for her family relaxes her. No food is off-limits, rather, it is a matter of how much and how often. Exercise is her sanity saver. She tries to workout 5-6 days a week, occasionally mixing it up among group fitness classes, boxing, spin, weight training, or enjoying the hiking trails near her house.

What else should you know about Christine?

She was born in Massachusetts, however, her parents moved to Arizona when she was 11 months old. Her parents, sister, and brother (along with their families) live here in town. She met her husband of 20 plus years through a mutual friend at a gym! They have three sons ranging in age from 16-20. Lucky and Hugo are her two loyal rescue dogs.