Meet Abby, your registered dietitian nutritionist.

Abigail “Abby” Murillo RDN

Abigail graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Nutrition and completed her dietetic internship at Abilene Christian University. She started her career in outpatient care, gaining unique experience working with infants, children, families and adults in one clinic. Abby doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Rather, she prefers working with each individual to create a plan that works with their lifestyle, diseases, and food preferences. She particularly enjoys pregnancy related nutrition and working with kids and families.

Abby’s ideal client:

Abby enjoys working with individuals who have the motivation to improve their overall health and wellness. She provides insights using realistic approaches to helps clients achieve their health goals.

She uses a non-diet approach to help others prevent or treat disease. Her ideal client is willing to embrace a non-diet lifestyle, and is open to practicing a mindful/intuitive eating approach toward nutrition.

Why is Abby a registered dietitian nutritionist?

Right before Abby went to college, her mom began struggling with food intolerances. This experience fueled her interest to study nutrition and become a Registered Dietitian, as she wanted to help others that were struggling like her mom. Further, she loved food as a child and had to learn in college how to enjoy food without obsessing over it or fearing it. Those experiences have transformed into a passion to help others with their nutrition needs!

I truly enjoy working with clients one on one and getting to know you! Being as honest as possible about your nutrition habits will help us move in the right direction of change and you will not feel judged when working with me.

Abby Murillo


How does Abby stay healthy?

Abby and her husband value cooking balanced meals at home, which means prioritizing meal planning and grocery shopping on the weekends. That way, she knows what’s for dinner every night and has all the ingredients on hand! She eats fruits or vegetables with every meal and never skips breakfast. She enjoys doing low impact workouts like walking, hiking, or at home strength training a few times a week.

What else should you know about Abby?

Abby is originally from the great state of Texas, but loves living in Arizona, and doesn’t see herself ever moving back. She lives with her husband and daughter and in her free time enjoys going on walks, playing piano, singing, and making her baby daughter laugh.