Meet Sam, a registered dietitian nutritionist providing services in both English & Spanish.

Samantha Zubek, RDN

Samantha was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. Growing up, she found her passion for wellness and sports growing, especially softball and golf. She moved to Arizona in the summer of 2017. Early in her career, Sam specialized in women’s health, specifically with issues pertaining to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Nowadays, her expertise includes a wide range of concerns, including diabetes, disordered eating, and eating disorders.

Sam provides services in both English and Spanish. She enjoys helping her Spanish-speaking patients get the help they need to attain their health goals. Sam is also a Certified Personal Trainer, which allows her to help patients achieve a wider range of health goals. 

Sam’s ideal client:

Sam’s ideal client is someone who is willing to take the necessary steps forward for their health. This includes steps big and small, all while acknowledging the progress made. She believes that small steps add up, getting you to your long term goals! Sam also enjoys working with clients who can take a step back and see the broader picture of their health. She believes it is equally important to nourish both mental and physical health during the process.

Sam understands that some people come to a dietitian in search of a simple meal plan. However, she also knows that, in some cases, food prep isn’t the only thing people need. She believes that one’s lived experiences and perceptions of nutrition can make or break even the best of meal plans. Sam feels adamant that everything happens for a reason, so if you are a client of hers, then you were meant to work together! By working together, she knows that she can help you reach your goals and maintain them in the long term. 

I’ve been putting her advice into action, and I’m feeling a lot more confident in making good choices. I’ve been doing more meal prep and exercising, I even bought a treadmill! I believe I’ve got a solid grasp on what I need to do.

Former Client

Why is Sam a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

Sam truthfully fell into this profession, which just goes to show everything happens for a reason! When she went through school, she knew she wanted to help people, but didn’t know exactly how she could. So, when life handed her a golf scholarship, she went with it and fell into the field of sports and exercise science at her first university.

After realizing that the school wasn’t the best fit for her future, she made the decision to transfer to a new university. This left Sam with a choice: transferring the credits she had already earned, or starting fresh with no credits. As a broke college student, she decided to find a field that would accept her transfer credits. That field ended up being nutrition! Once Sam stepped into her first nutrition course, she knew she was on the right path- continuing on to where she is today!

It’s important to focus on your relationship with foods, not just what you eat!

Samantha Zubek


How does Sam stay healthy?

Sam and her husband value an active lifestyle. You can find her out traveling, hiking, golfing, playing pickleball, or doing large home improvement projects. Through lived experience, she knows that to keep up with a fast paced lifestyle, she has to fuel herself often. Sam focuses on having a good relationship with food, meaning nothing is off limits. She also focuses on fueling herself for the day ahead. Sometimes, this means her favorite meal of pizza and wings. Other days, it may call for stir fry veggies with orange chicken.

What else should you know about Sam?

Outside of work, Samantha loves to stay active, enjoying hiking, camping, biking, and golfing. You can also find her enjoying a slice of Chicago-style pizza after any one of these activities.