Ready for a PR? Improved fitness? Increased muscle mass? Reach your athletic goals with a sports nutrition registered dietitian.

Being fueled up has helped me. I’ve felt better stamina and more strength in my swing. I’m sleeping better and feel more energized.

Did you know? 

Many athletes, possibly including you, may have their own views on sports nutrition. If you’re the “lax” athlete, you may believe you can eat whatever you want since you are an athlete. For the “strict” athlete, you may believe you need to follow a strict diet, counting macros and maintaining “perfect nutrition”. Or for the “oblivious” athlete, you may have no idea how to fuel for your sport. 

The quest for excellence in your sport relies heavily on your nutrition. Crash dieting, restricting, inadequate timing of nutrients, and poor hydrating can all take a toll on optimized performance and training. Media places a strong emphasis on supplements, powders, and drinks that claim to boost your performance. Many of these supplements are not necessary, nor do they optimize long-term performance as a balanced meal plan would. Unfortunately, athletes rarely seek information from educated, sports nutrition experts such as registered dietitians, putting athletes at risk for misinformation, health problems, and minimized athletic performance.

Let your registered dietitian nutritionist help you to boost your performance, conditioning, recovery, and training with proper nutrition.

Are you a high-performing athlete or recreational athlete?

Do you worry about getting the right nutrition to fuel your workouts?

Do you want to decrease the risk of injury in your sport?

Are you concerned about adequate nutritional intake to prevent burnout, injury, nutritional deficiencies, and fatigue?

Do you know how much of each food group you need to support your athletic goals?

If you answered YES, we will provide a unique nutritional assessment going through medical history, concerns, and create an individualized plan that works.  We can provide the tools to help individuals involved with:

  • Triathlon training
  • Endurance sports
  • Strength/power sports
  • Body fat reduction
  • Recreational athletes
  • Weight gain, loss, or maintenance
  • Female Athlete Triad

Optimize your athletic performance, avoid overtraining/injury, and achieve peak results by learning to fuel with the right foods at the right time.

With a registered dietitian, you’ll work on both short-term and long-term goals, focusing on some of the following topics that fit your needs:

  • Adequate energy and protein intake to meet the demands of training
  • Proper hydration
  • Appropriate weight and body composition goals
  • Adequate macronutrients
  • Eating a variety of foods and beverages to delay or minimize fatigue
  • Utilizing strategies such as carb-loading, timed caffeine intake, or pre-training/pre-competition meals
  • Nutrients that support recovery
  • Adequate meal timing
  • Gastrointestinal upset

Achieving peak performance takes time and energy. With time, patience, and the help of a registered dietitian, individuals find that they are able to reach their goals and kiss that gold medal. 

Let a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) help you to boost your performance, conditioning, recovery, and training with proper nutrition.

What can an RDN do for you?

Our trained experts will work with you to create realistic and customized goals because we want to ensure long-lasting results. We use small changes, focusing on the why and how so that improved performance happens naturally. We debunk fad diets and help athletes and recreational athletes to fuel with food.


We will educate you on a lifestyle that is sustainable for you, as an athlete. You’ll learn how to design and live that new lifestyle, using the latest research.

  • Assess and evaluate dietary intake and training status
  • Determine where potential nutrient deficiencies may exist
  • Identify if there is adequate energy or calorie intake to support training and workload
  • Educate on serving size and food group recommendations for you as an individual in your sport
  • Assist with implementation of doctor-recommended dietary interventions
  • Provide tips on increasing the quality of nutrition


Sports nutrition is not one size fits all! Our experts evaluate and assess diet, health, training, and nutritional concerns on an individual level, using the most current evidence-based research. In addition, RDNs are mindful of the unique concerns that may be present to you as an athlete. Let our nutrition experts create a customized plan to help improve your nutrition, which will improve your performance, stamina, energy, and strength. 

Brit recommended increasing my carb intake and I felt a significant difference. I was bouncing off the walls with energy! I noticed a significant difference in how long I can go during my workout before I run out of energy!

– 21 year old male

I’ve felt better stamina and more strength in my swing. I’m also sleeping better and feel more energized.

– 29 year old male athlete

Meet our nutrition experts! 

How to get started 

We have several options to get started with one of our RDN-Nutrition Experts. We offer in-person, telephonic, and video counseling sessions. Check out the online scheduler today! Learn more by scheduling a free discovery call. Or you can call our central scheduler at 602-770-7611.

Pick how you want to meet

We are available in most states for virtual one-on-one. For in-person 1-on-1 we have two locations Tempe, AZ, and Gilbert, AZ. Check location details for the address. 

Meet your dietitian from anywhere there is a connection from any device. Our HIPAA compliant software lets you enjoy the flexibility but keeping the in-person feel. There is no software to download and it’s easy to use.

Meet your dietitian at our location in Arizona or Pennsylvania. Our rooms are large enough for a family to feel comfortable and get the hands-on experience they are looking for.

The Cost

Most insurance companies will provide benefits for nutrition counseling, often times the coverage is at 100%. We suggest that if you want insurance to cover, you check your insurance coverage before setting an appointment.

We have several different types of appointments available. Choose which one fits your needs. Almost all patients find success in meeting consistently for their education session or consultation to get the support and the results that they need. You can talk with your dietitian to decide just how many visits are needed.

Self Pay Rate

Consultation Visit
Meet with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) to discuss your health concerns
Receive a nutrition assessment
1 Visit
Education Session
Gain knowledge from the nutrition experts on the topic(s) of your choice
1 Visit
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Education on disease/condition
Receive nutrition assessment
1 Visit