Weight Loss From the Expert

Healthy weight loss tips to last you a lifetime

Have you tried the fad-diets? Have you made progress only to watch the weight creep back on over time? Let’s talk about weight loss tips to help you feel great for good. As a dietitian, my goal is to make losing weight be about making lifestyle changes instead of weekly or monthly changes.

Key elements to healthy weight loss:


Have you ever heard the phrase “a diet consists of 80% food and 20% exercise”? Your diet plays a crucial role in weight management. Supplying your body with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, lean meats, nuts, & healthy fats provides your body with nutrients needed for a healthy body weight without excess sugar or processed foods. It’s important to notice what you are putting into your body and start working towards small goals that will aid in weight management.

Some helpful tips!

    • Cut back foods and beverages with added sugars and solid fats
    • Substitute whole-grains for refined grains
    • Measure out your portion sizes
    • Eat 3 meals a day with snacks in between if needed
      • Cut back on eating meals away from home
    • Do something active when you want to snack

Our dietitians at Anderson’s Nutrition can help you with meal planning and fitting the healthy foods that work best for you into your meals.


Exercise is not only beneficial for building strong bone and muscle; it allows you to burn more calories during and after exercise for weight loss.


Hydration is key! Drinking at least 8 cups of water a day will keep you hydrated and helps regulate your metabolism by suppressing hunger.


Sleep is important for suppressing ghrelin, your hunger hormone, so that you can adequately burn calories and utilize fat storage throughout the night. It helps regulate your metabolism & replenishes your energy for the next day.


Stress may be the biggest culprit in weight loss. Take note of stress triggers, emotional eating patterns and how you deal with them. Start working towards ways to reduce stress by channeling your focus on healthy eating & exercise instead!


Having people to support your throughout your weight loss journey can make all the difference. Anderson’s Nutrition offers personalized nutrition and weight loss counseling and offers an online support group. Please contact us at info@andersonsnutrition.com or call 602-770-7611.


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