What is a Health Coach?

What is a Health Coach?

You have probably have heard of a “coach”, but maybe HEALTH COACHING is a new one for you. The best way to describe health coaching: a way to empower, motivate, and hold you accountable. It is all about finding your BEST SELF on your terms.

The Professional Dieter

You may be one or know someone who is a professional dieter. They try every new diet that comes out. Spend so much money on the latest craze. They have great success in the beginning, but that success comes at a price. A lifestyle that is not realistic and cannot be maintained! They cannot enjoy the foods they like, often times creating social discomfort and more negatively in their lives. Some even put their health in jeopardy with some extreme diets or regimens. Ultimately, most put all the weight back on and fall into their old habits.

This is where health coaching breaks that cycle! By cultivating science lead behavior change, you are able to find your wellness path that leads to your long lasting lifestyle.


Individuals that work with a health coach feel totally in control of their wellness journey. They are motivated from within and empowered to make the lifestyle change. Since it is realistic and on your terms, the changes tend to be your new lifestyle and not just a fad diet.

Weight loss, improved blood work, confidence, and improved well being is seen with each of our health coaching clients.


Your health coach typically does take body weight or conduct measurements. The focus on the behavior change that leads to the weight loss and shirking inches. Each visit focuses on the goals that were set and accomplishment of them. All working towards one’s wellness vision.

This methodology allows for the freedom of negative thinking and shame that comes along with dieting. Working with your health coach, you will learn that there are ups and downs. But because you built this solid health foundation, the down is much more manageable and does not contribute to that “downward spiral” that often times occur with when we derail.

You can set up your free consultation with one of our health coaches to see if it is right for you.

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