Happy Fall Y’all! Time to Get Outside!

Here in Arizona, we may not be seeing all the pretty fall colors, but we are feeling the cooler temperatures! After months of being cooped up with 100-degree temperature, we are ready to get outside and enjoy the weather. In the Valley of the Sun, we have a wide variety of ways to be and stay active.

  • The cheapest and easiest activity to start is walking, hiking and running. All this requires is shoes, a water bottle, and breathable workout clothing. Did you know that Phoenix has 180 miles of trails?!
    • Keeping track of your steps? Use a FREE app on your phone or use a smartwatch and strive for 7,000+ steps per day.
  • An ever-growing trend right now is to dust off your rollerblades and take to the paved canals for some fun!
  • Have kids? Take them for a bike ride. You can head down to the local park to play or take a trip around the neighborhood.
  • Prefer strength training to cardiovascular training? Head outside and use your body weight to perform the following exercises (20 reps each, 5 sets total):
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Tricep Dips on a bench
    • Side Leg Raises (use a tree branch if you need more stability)
    • Squats
    • Lunges
    • Calf Raises (use a tree branch if you need more stability)

Park Exercise

What is your favorite way to exercise outside during the fall? Let us know!


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