National Nutrition Month ® Celebration with Anderson’s Nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month ® and this year we are celebrating how to Savor the Flavor of Eating Right! Eating healthy nutritious food does not need to be boring and tasteless. This year’s theme encourages us all to take time to enjoy food traditions and appreciate the pleasures, great flavors, and social experiences food can add to our lives.

This year during National Nutrition Month, we challenge you to think about:

  1. How, when, why, and where you eat, as it is just as important as what you eat.
  2. Develop a mindful eating pattern that includes nutritious and flavorful foods, while also taking the time to slow down and enjoy everything that a healthy and tasty meal brings with it.
  3. Take time to enjoy food traditions and find creative, healthful, and nutritious ways to add flavor to food.

Would you like to create easy-to-follow personalized nutrition advice to meet your lifestyle, preferences, and health-related needs? It’s the perfect month! There’s no better time than during National Nutrition Month. Call us today at 602-770-7611 to schedule your appointment or click here to choose a time that works best for your schedule! This holiday is celebrated every March, each year. If you’ve come across this page at a different time of the year, it’s still a good time to hop on your nutrition goals and make those small changes you know need to change!