how to set smart goals

Break the New Year’s Tradition with SMART Goals

goalsWhether it’s the beginning of a year or the beginning of a new week – we challenge you to break tradition and to NOT set a resolution, try the newest diet supplement that promises weight loss without changing your eating habits, or the next extreme eating plan. When we try to make too many changes all at once, we often become overwhelmed and fail quickly. Instead, focus on SMART goals.

So how will you become successful? Try setting SMART goals and building upon your success. If you have not been exercising in over a year – don’t try to run a marathon next month, but start with a 5K in two months. Working on cleaning up your nutrition? Start by eating vegetables at one meal per day. Once you have accomplished that for 1-2 weeks, start building upon it. Next week work on eating vegetables at 2 meals per day. Before you know it you will be getting the recommended amount of vegetables in just 1-2 months.

Now the KEY is to maintain your health behaviors. Since you started walking, which turned to walk/jog you are now building up your confidence and ability to run the full 3 miles. Made it to your goal? Great! Now build upon it! Next, do you want to run the 5K faster or would you like to challenge yourself to go further? Healthy habits last a lifetime! If you can’t see yourself keeping the same diet for the next 5 years…look for making small changes that will be maintainable. This way when you lose the 20 pounds this time you will keep it off!

Need added accountability? What about help with setting SMART goals? Call us today to set your appointment with a Registered Dietitian! Or, get signed up for our 12 Fix Accountability Program designed to help you set a SMART goal in many areas of nutrition and health each week!