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Father’s day is right around the corner so we are rounding up our top gift picks in this Father’s Day Gift Guide. We created a list of 13 wellness & food-related gift ideas for father’s day. June is also national men’s health month, so there are no better gifts for dad this year than one’s that will keep him healthy all year long! 

Food and Wellness-Related Gifts Ideas for Father’s Day:

  • Is dad looking to boost his nutrition? Get him our 12 Fixes Program, our 12-week long program where we highlight 12 of the most important topics, or “fixes”, to help people find their healthiest self and reach their goals! 
  • This blood pressure cuff allows dad to more consistently evaluate the ways his positive lifestyle changes impact his health 
  • Help your father stay hydrated this summer with a healthy human water bottle / travel mug 
  • A body massage gun can be the relief dad may need for tight muscles, or neck and joint pain
  • Can’t forget to stretch! Buy dad a yoga mat for stretching post-workout in order to improve flexibility and mobility!  
  • Is dad looking for more accountability when it comes to fitness? This fit bit tracker can track heart rate, skin temperature, sleep, exercise and more! There are a variety of versions depending on dad’s goals and your budget 🙂   
  • Does dad already have a mat for stretching? Get him a foam roller to aid in his stretching routine and help with balancing exercises! 
  • Trouble squeezing in a workout? Get dad the Cubii Pro so he can get some movement in sitting at his desk or even while watching tv! 
  • A standing desk is a perfect addition to your father’s home office set-up! 
  • Has your fella been looking for a soda alternative? Try out Olipop for your father’s day cookout! 
  • Get an indoor grill so you can enjoy tasty grilled meals all year long! Bonus- this indoor grill has an air fryer and a dehydrator!  
  • Snag dad a new pair of running sneakers or cross trainers! 
  • Is dad stuck in a snack rut? Try these peanut butter protein bars!


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