Something Egg-citing is Around the Corner (Including Easter Tips)!

We are just a couple of weeks away from Easter and that means –get-togethers with friends or family and Easter baskets with goodies! So how do you keep up your motivation to eat healthy and exercise around a holiday? We have a few Easter tips for you.

Here are 3 Easter tips from our dietitians:

Bring a carrothealthy dish to share.

This will allow you to ensure that you at least have one good option when it comes to sitting down for a meal. We often suggest that you cover half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables. Try making those yummy vegetables interesting for all ages by displaying them in a creative way!

Avoid buying too many sweets.

Attempt to avoid the temptation of buying SO much candy for the kids this year. This year fill their baskets with some non-edible goodies and send them on an EGGcellent scavenger hunt to make finding their Easter baskets fun this year.

Stay active!

Don’t miss your workout because it’s a holiday. Try to get up early and enjoy the sunrise with an early morning walk or jog. Not a morning person? Grab the whole family for a game of tag at the local park after lunch.

We hope that at least one or two of these Easter tips are helpful for you!

Have a Healthy and Hoppy Easter- From your friends at Anderson’s Nutrition!


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