Meet Erica, your registered dietitian nutritionist, specializing in nutrition counseling.

Erica Vigliano RDN, CDN

Erica takes a holistic approach to nutrition, considering each person’s unique circumstances and personal goals. She believes nutrition should be easy by simplifying it and bringing it back to basics. She is working towards her certification in personal training. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, she has a particular interest in sports dietetics, women’s health, and GI disorders.

Erica’s Ideal Client

Erica appreciates clients who are willing to adapt to changes that will help them reach their personal goals. She values open communication and wants her clients to feel as though they are on this journey together.

Why is Erica a registered dietitian nutritionist?

Erica has always had a very active lifestyle coupled with an interest in cooking and creating nutritious, unique recipes. She has played sports from an early age, with a special interest in cross-country running. During her college experience, she fell in love with her Nutrition 101 class and loved learning how nutrition plays a vital role in fueling the body, mind, and overall well-being. She developed a personal food Instagram that inspired her friends and family to make simple, quick recipes. It was during this time that she declared her major in Dietetics and never looked back.

How does Erica stay healthy?

Erica stays healthy in various ways. She loves working out and eating her staple well-balanced meals, but also enjoys going out to eat and enjoying herself in moderation. Life is about balance in all aspects – a nice long run outside is always coupled with her favorite iced Starbucks latte!

What else should you know about Erica?

Erica grew up in Connecticut, where she enjoyed walks on the beach with her friends and mornings at the local bagel shop. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Delaware, then moved to New York City to complete her Dietetic Internship and Master of Science at Brooklyn College. She recently moved to Arizona to continue her career as a Registered Dietitian.