Meet Jen, your registered dietitian & pediatric nutritionist located in Pennsylvania. Her passion lies in really getting to know her clients and helping them to reach their goals.

Jen received her BS in Nutrition from Pennsylvania State University and then went on to complete a dietetic internship with ARAMARK in the Mid-Atlantic Region. She began her career in small community hospitals but found her niche in pediatrics spending 8 years as a Certified Specialist in Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and then moving on to a local pediatric office. She also enjoys working with adults and has experience in this realm as well.

Jen’s ideal client:

Jen’s ideal client is someone willing to embrace change and is patient enough to let it happen. Jen loves working with the pediatric population, as she enjoys connecting with the child and motivating the entire family to get and stay healthy. The ideal client will be excited about new foods, small changes, and hold the desire to feel better and manage disease. 

  Her favorite areas include:

  • Pediatric Nutrition- Healthy weight, Poor growth, GI Nutrition, food allergies
  • Heart Health- high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease
  • Healthy weight- clients looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle and manage weight issues
  • General Nutrition and Disease Prevention

Why is Jen a registered dietitian nutritionist?

Jen was drawn to the nutrition field as a freshman in college quite by accident. She was originally a soil science major but had a strong interest in food and how the body works in relation to food as fuel. She chose to study nutrition on the advice of a college adviser, and soon discovered her passion! Jen loved learning about the metabolic pathways and medical aspects of nutrition, which has carried over into her practice as she educates her patients on diet/disease relationships. As the years have progressed, Jen still maintains a love for food, general health, and balance in lifestyle.

Being a dietitian is a gift, as we are uniquely able to bring and restore health to those who really need us.


Client Success Story

“Jen Ranalli was recommended to us by our pediatrician after my daughter Emma was diagnosed with Pica.  We had noticed that Emma, who was 4 at the time, had been eating dirt and chalk and she was beyond the years of normal toddler exploration.  What we later discovered is that she craved these non-food items because her iron levels were very low due to the high volume of milk she was drinking on a daily basis.  Jen helped us map out a plan to drastically lower her intake of milk and replace it with the nutrients her body craved through balanced meals.  Emma’s diet has dramatically improved, and she no longer goes for non-food items. Jen was extremely helpful, so easy to speak with, and great with kids.  I would highly recommend her.”

How does she stay healthy?

Jen is very active and believes that movement is her saving grace! She practices Bikram and vinyasa yoga, takes long walks with her husband, and stays active playing outside with her family. In addition, she loves to cook and prepares meals for her family with a lot of color and variety.  

What else should you know about Jen?

Jen has been married for almost 20 years, and has four amazing children who keep her very busy! As a family, they love to hike, take family bike rides, and travel to National Parks. She enjoys gardening, although her husband is much better at it, and spends time landscaping and just being outside. She is also an identical twin which has been such a joy throughout her life!