Meet Heather, your pediatric and maternal dietitian nutritionist that loves working with young families and eager mothers. Being a mother herself, she knows how to feed toddlers, what to teach regarding breastfeeding, and nutrition during pregnancy.

Heather graduated from Arizona State University with Honors with a B.S. in
Dietetics and also a B.A. in Art. She completed her dietetic internship at Iowa State University focusing on pediatrics and adult nutrition.

Heather’s ideal client:

Heather loves to work with the pediatric population from infancy to childhood. She loves to help families with children struggling with picky eating, pediatric obesity and/or high cholesterol, failure to thrive, GI disorders, pediatric diabetes, and food allergies during childhood and adolescence.  She also enjoys helping parents of infants with the introduction of new foods and helping them learn more about baby-led weaning, transitioning from bottle to cup, and developing healthy eating habits even before the baby turns one. 

Heather has a background in working with pregnant and new moms. She can help with gestational diabetes, adequate weight gain, and proper nutrition during pregnancy. Heather’s experience in breastfeeding education can also help new moms who want to breastfeed their infants. She will provide you with all the information you need to understand the benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby. She can also help with supply, proper latching, any problems with pain/discomfort during breastfeeding, and safe nutrition during breastfeeding.

Three favorite types of clients:

  • Picky eaters
  • Pediatrics (from infancy to adolescence)
  • Pregnant moms

Success story from her client:

A teenager with high cholesterol, a history dieting, and limiting her food choices with very little success or improvement in her numbers came to Heather feeling defeated and ready to give up. After one month with Heather, her eating habits completely changed and she realized she could widen her food selection while learning how to eat in a new healthy way. She learned to be mindful of her food choices and to feed her body with foods that help her body. The result after 6 weeks of nutrition counseling included controlling weight gain, improving her eating habits, decreasing her cholesterol, and most importantly gaining a new sense of self-confidence in herself.

Why is Heather a dietitian?

Heather became a dietitian because of her love for people, first and foremost. She loves helping people reach their healthiest life. Heather always wanted to find a way to help people but also to use her love for creating. She has always loved learning about the science of food, even at a young age, and learning to cook with her Italian grandmother. When choosing her career path, being a dietitian meant that she could help people in a way that could truly save a person’s life while continuing to study science and creating new recipes. It was a perfect fit for Heather.

How does Heather stay healthy?

Heather stays healthy by practicing yoga to ground herself each day. Being active 30 – 60 minutes each day is very important in her family. She loves to include her kids in her exercise routines, either by walking, doing yoga, dancing, or hiking. She also loves to create home-cooked meals with whole foods that are minimally processed, using very little amounts of packaged or canned food items. Spending time with her family also keeps Heather healthy as her two boys and husband are the most important things in her life.

What else should you know about Heather?

Heather is an Arizona Native and enjoys photography, drawing, painting, creating new recipes, and spending time outdoors with her two little boys and husband.