Registered Dietitian Nutritionist – Jamie MacGibbon

Meet Jamie, your dietitian nutritionist that loves working with clients to motivate and educate them on preventing disease through heart healthy choices.

Jamie MacGibbon RDN, CHWC

Three favorite types of clients:

  • Motivated weight management patient
  • Diabetic patient
  • Cardiovascular disease patient

Why is Jamie a dietitian?

“I have been fascinated with food for as long as I can remember! Growing up my mom would prepare lots of different types of dishes for family dinners, holidays and parties! She was a great cook making basics like mac and cheese, stews, soups, and awesome desserts. She was Polish and between her and my grandmother, I got to experience lots of ethnic foods such as pierogies and galumpki. As I got into my teens, I started to notice a connection between how I felt physically and the foods that I was eating. I loved sweets and baking but soon discovered that if I ate “too much” of those types of foods, I’d often feel fatigued. That is when I became a little more fascinated with the nutritional aspect of food.

“Little did I know when I went to college there was actually a perfect major in which I could gain knowledge on food and nutrition, called “Dietetics.” Upon graduating from the University of Delaware, I completed an internship at Hines VA Hospital in Hines, IL. I then relocated to Valley Forge, PA. My first job was as a Clinical Nutrition Manager/Assistant Food Service Director at Eagleville Hospital, a small drug and alcohol rehabilitation hospital.

“After working several years, I took time off to raise my children. During this time off, I was still keeping up with my interest in food and nutrition primarily through cooking, recipe development, and entertaining. When my kids got older, I started my own private practice, initially focusing on weight management for kids and teens. I wanted to help make a difference with the obesity epidemic that was occurring in our country.

“Fortunately, I began working for Anderson’s Nutrition. Teaching and encouraging individuals to improve their health through changes in their nutritional habits is very rewarding, particularly when you are able to help them achieve their goals! Being a huge believer myself in healthy eating and its effects on overall physical and mental well-being, makes it gratifying to provide coaching to my patients.

“I have such a passion for everything food and nutrition! Learning about new foods, cooking, and new and changing nutrition information keeps me motivated and excited about being a registered dietitian.”

– Jamie

How does Jamie stay healthy?

Moderation, balance, exercise (loves to work out), stress management, thinking positively, giving to others. It is so important to not have an all or nothing attitude. She believes in being easy on herself and encouraging patients to do so.

What else should you know about Jamie?

She lives with her husband, Glen, and daughter, Claire, (and dogs Zoey and Abby) in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. She has three children total. Jamie loves to cook, be with her family and friends, work out, read, play tennis, and ski. She likes to hike and bike as well. Jamie finds it very gratifying to help people meet their health and fitness goals.