Meet Brit, your registered dietitian nutritionist located in Gilbert, Tempe, and Virtual. Her passion lies in assisting athletes and ex-dieters to embrace food as fuel.

Britney RDN

Britney received a bachelor’s degree in nutrition/dietetics at Arizona State University. She completed her dietetic internship through Iowa State University. Britney has experience in many areas of nutrition & is trained on the use of a low FODMAP diet for IBS by Monash University.

Brit believes healthy nutrition is not based on restriction. Instead, she knows that nutrition involves fueling your body well, taking a non-diet approach by listening to hunger/fullness cues, eating mindfully, and improving your relationship with food and the body. She values a simple approach to healthy eating by helping clients to find self-motivation and make small changes to fight and prevent disease or poor nutrition. Being a marathon runner, she also loves to help athletes achieve their athletic goals using food to fuel for optimal performance.

Brit’s ideal client:

She enjoys meeting with clients who are motivated to improve their lifestyle. Her ideal client is someone willing to embrace a non-diet lifestyle, including a mindful eating approach. That client would be accepting of all foods while emphasizing moderation and variety. Being a marathon runner, she also loves to help athletes achieve their athletic goals using food as the fuel and building blocks for optimal performance.

Being fueled up has helped me. I’ve felt better stamina and more strength in my swing. I’m sleeping better and feel more energized.

– 29-year-old male athlete

Focus areas include:

  • Athletes and recreational exercisers
  • Clients ready to ditch diets and embrace a more mindful approach to eating
  • Cancer clients or clients wanting to decrease their risk of cancer
  • Clients with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, or kidney disease
  • Clients looking to eat more plant-based or plant-forward, including vegans/vegetarians
  • Individuals affected by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that would like to trial the low-FODMAP diet for a relief of symptoms

I’ve been more in touch with my eating.

70 year old female client

Why is Brit a registered dietitian nutritionist?

“I was raised in a diet-infested environment. This resulted in a distorted relationship with food. I used to think that food was either good or bad. I lacked flexibility in my eating and struggled with my relationship with food. Additionally, I failed to excel in teen sports because of my extensive list of food rules and restrictions.

“When I took my first nutrition class in college, I began to notice the profound impact that food has on our bodies. Soon after, I made a change and decided that I needed to find peace with food and my body. After changing my mindset and behaviors, I consistently improved in running and have been able to complete marathons and half marathons. I’ve been able to see that nutrition is crucial to fuel performance. I chose to become a registered dietitian nutritionist so I could use evidence-based recommendations and motivational interviewing to improve the health of others.

Food is a crucial part of our lives.

It’s fuel and it’s fun!

“I now love helping others to understand that food is a crucial part of our lives. I preach intuitive eating concepts with balance, flexibility, and variety. Food is fuel and food is fun!”

How does Brit stay healthy?

Brit has a passion for setting a goal and working toward it. She stays healthy by training for races and eating to fuel. She always likes to include fruits and vegetables with every meal but also enjoys ending a night with a bowl of cereal, popcorn, ice cream, or smoothie. Brit believes that staying healthy means positive movement with your body and variety/enjoyment in the foods you eat.

What else should you know about Brit?

Brit has been married to a pizzaholic since 2017! She has lived in a few different states, but moved back to Arizona because she doesn’t want to live anywhere else! When she’s not working, she loves to hike, run, workout, go to the lake, and enjoy the Arizona beauty with her husband.

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