Check out our new education classes!

We are offering small, group nutrition education classes.  This is the perfect opportunity to sharpen those nutrition skills, learn something new, and start the path towards healthy living.

These are private sessions that you, your family, and friends can register for together.  Since they are private, the class is geared towards your needs and questions. Limit to 4 adults at a time.
Here are some examples of our classes!
  • Moving Towards Clean Eating
  • Learning more about Organic and GMO foods
  • What is for dinner?
  • Feeding your Little Ones
  • I need Fat, but what kind?
  • Learning the “whole” in Whole Grains
Each class will be for 45-60 minutes.  Up to 4 adults may attend and share the cost of the class.  Classes are priced as a unit and start as low as $25 per person.  Please note, you can request to be paired with another group and we will make every effort to make that possible.   Please contact us for more information or to get registered.

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