Exercise During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

How to Continue Your Exercise Routine During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Now that we are all staying at home, practicing social distancing, how do we continue to exercise when the yoga studios and gyms are closed?  Keeping up on our diet and physical activity is still important during this time! Experts recommend 150 minutes of exercise each week or 30 minutes per day. Exercise helps us keep our immune system strong and ready to fight off infections and diseases.

Physical activity also helps keep our mental health in check. Right now, our mental health is super important as we try to keep our anxiety at bay and find a sense of normalcy. Exercise is proven to lower depression and stress, boost self-esteem, and improve sleep. Therefore, it’s especially important while we are at home to find ways to continue our exercise routine. If you haven’t had time to implement a new exercise routine in your life, this is a great time to start one.

We have put together a list of great “at home” health apps and workouts that will help you get the enjoyable exercise you need.

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Online Apps and Programs to Help you Exercise at Home During the Coronavirus


Peloton is offering a free trial right now for 90 days for their entire library. They have an extensive amount of workouts available including yoga, bicycling, cardio, and strength training. It’s a great way to get a highly energized workout while staying at home. 


Cassey Ho from Blogilates recently posted her 14-day quarantine workout plan to her Instagram account @blogilates. Every day has a different focus, with videos on her Instagram account that demonstrate how to complete her workouts and moves.

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FitOn is a free app designed to give you daily workouts with the equipment you already have on hand (even if you don’t have any). There is a feature on this app that lets you virtually work out with your friends while still practicing social distancing. They have their users fill out a questionnaire, which then creates a personalized workout plan for you.


P.volve is offering the first 30-days for free.  This program is focused on mastering precise movements that help tone those hard-to-reach muscles. They base their workout on movements you would do in everyday life.

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Free Options to Exercise From Home During the Coronavirus

Walking and Running

When you don’t feel like doing a video workout or want to get some fresh air, walking or running around your neighborhood is a perfect option. Running releases endorphins, a hormone that reduces the perception of pain and gives the brain a sense of calm. This benefits your mental health and helps to reduce stress levels.

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YouTube Videos

YouTube has a multitude of different exercise videos that you can search through, depending on your interest. You can find free yoga videos of all different levels, dance workouts, and almost anything that suits your interest. Here are a couple ones we love:

Don’t forget to keep your joints comfy with a yoga mat!

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