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Metabolic Testing

Overview | Who Can Benefit | How It Works | What to Expect | Schedule + Locations | Pricing Would you like to know how much energy your body needs daily? We offer metabolic testing in at our Downingtown location using a scientific base and FDA-approved test that provides your Resting Metabolic Expenditure (REE). The …

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Meet with a dietitian! Over 15 years of experience, medical insurance accepted, and several different programs available. Long-lasting results

Downingtown Pennsylvania

Our team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) are excited to work in Downingtown, PA. We provide nutrition counseling, metabolic testing, meal planning, partnerships, and more. Our dietitians are located in heart of Downingtown and are open for in-person and telehealth. Hello D-Town! For over 5 years now, our team of dietitians have been working with …